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Spatulis - La Vie en Vert

The main character of the short movie : La vie en Vert, that I co - directed at the ESMA school.
This bird as one dream, to become a flamingo ! A little help will be needed !

A very funny character actually, I was in charge of it's modeling and of course facial rigging.
The main challenge was to make it a little odd but some kind of adorable bird.

I made the modeling, the facial rigging, some animation, and render as well, on this character.

Sebastien camrrubi frame 3

Spatulis - Flamingo style

Sebastien camrrubi frame 2

Spatulis - IN 3D

Sebastien camrrubi frame 4

Spatulis - Seems Legit

Sebastien camrrubi capture 53

Spatulis - Elefant pls

Sebastien camrrubi capture 60

Show me some polygons

Sebastien camrrubi capture 58

Not sure if it's a Facial Rig